Celebrating DeFi Summer's 1st anniversary with a special collection featuring some of the community favourite DeFi's blue-chip DAOs from AAVE to Yearn.

The collection reveals among five community favourite DeFi’s blue-chip DAOs merchandise by Wen-Wagmi: AAVE Protocol, Curve Finance, Dogecoin, Polygon Protocol and Yearn Finance, offering an exploration of imagination and identity mirrored by a new design by Anonarts#3689. 

Among the main styles are liquid-graphic styled graphics paired with respective DAO logo, pairing them with three specially selected coloured tees for each DAO.

AAVE Protocol: Founded in 2017 by Stani Kulechov, rebranded to Aave in 2018. 

With high-profile users like Shark Tank’s billionaire Mark Cuban, AAVE protocol is now the largest lending protocol with over $10 billion Total Value Locked (TVL) as of July 2021. 

Curve Finance: Founded in 2020 by Micheal Ergorov. 

Initially, a stablecoin exchange platform has now become the highly sought after farm by yield aggregator platforms like Yearn Finance, StakeDAO and Convex Finance in the battle for Curve’s TVL, gauge weight and ultimate power over Curve governance. 

Hence, the inception of the biggest DeFi war ever known to crypto: The Curve War.

Polygon Protocol (formerly Matic): Founded in 2019 by Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal and Anurag Arjun. 

The yield farming craze exploded on Ethereum last summer. As the price of ETH has risen, gas fees have also surged, high gas fees are now pricing regular investors out of DeFi on Ethereum. 

In search of cheaper gas fees alternative decentralized network, farmers and degens have migrated to Polygon as DeFi projects from AAVE to Sushi continues to flock on the Layer 2 solution, Polygon.

Yearn Finance: Founded in 2020 by Andre Cronje, formerly iEarn Finance, is an aggregator of DeFi interest-earning services. 

Numerous mergers and partnerships with protocols like Cream, Pickle, Sushi, Akropolis and others made Yearn Finance one of the most innovative and open DeFi projects in the space. 

The miracle of Yearn Finance, unlike most crypto projects, was its fair launch ideology, reminiscent of the early days of Bitcoin, as nobody is given a head start, no VCs, no private sales, and even no allocations for the founding team.

On July 17, 2020, Andre announced the release of the $YFI token, “a completely valueless token with 0 financial value”, wrote Andre. The only way to acquire it was to earn (farm/mine) it. The rest is history as the price of $YFI had once skyrocketed to almost $100, 000 per token at its all-time high. 

More than a billion USD worth of $YFI is now distributed to the community and the early day’s liquidity providers at this time of writing.

Dogecoin: Founded in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus (who sold all his now billions worth of Dogecoin to reward himself a comfortable piece of used Honda Civic back in 2015, HFSP). 

Although Dogecoin isn’t purely considered as part of DeFi, it’s claimed by some to be the most significant cryptocurrency ever created, which makes it worthy to be added to the Wen X Defi Collection.

The once richest man in the world said it best: “Dogecoin to the moon!” – Elon Musk, a.k.a The Dogefather.