A celebration of the dawn of a deflationary, ultrasound money, Wen-Wagmi presents the EIP-1559 NFT series in conjunction with Ethereum's EIP-1559 upgrade, unveiling the EIP-1559 NFT's roadmap, the perks and benefits to the NFT holders.

The Ethereum’s London Hard Fork which activated at block #12,965,000, and EIP-1559 is now live since August 5, 2021. Only a week into Ethereum’s integration of EIP-1559, over $100 million worth of $ETH, which consists part of every transaction fee, has already been burnt and will continue to burn on every block, permanently removed from Ethereum’s circulating supply. Thus, making $ETH a sort of disinflationary ultrasound money.

To immortalise the significance of the EIP-1559 upgrade, Wen-Wagmi presents the EIP-1559 NFT Immortal and EIP-1559 NFT Hodler Edition, which is uniquely designed by our community of anon artists.

The burning of the Ethereum by a sort of mystical flame that burns forever once ignited on an Olympic liked Cauldron composed of the rarest calacatta marble from top to bottom was the centrepiece of the EIP-1559 NFT design. The majestic Cauldron featured the inscription “EIP-1559 #12,965,000” at the top was made out of solid gold on the Immortal and metallic silver on the Hodler edition.

The NFTs speaks about the story of the upgrade themed with the burning of $ETH, which aims to strengthen the technology that could potentially disrupt today’s financial as well as the technology sector from Decentralised Finance, to Non-Fungible tokens, to Decentralised Applications. All the EIP-1559 NFTs are ‘born’ at the moment EIP-1559 went lived and will continue to live forever on the Ethereum blockchain, blazing its mystical flame through the metaverse.¬†

EIP-1559 NFT Immortal 

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EIP-1559 NFT Immortal Edition will be minted as a premium one-of-one edition. The piece will be on auction for 2 weeks from the moment EIP-1559 went lived till August 19, 2021. 

EIP-1559 NFT Hodler Edition

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EIP-1559 NFT Hodler Edition is a collection of 1559 EIP-1559 NFTs that lives and ‘ignites’ forever on the Ethereum blockchain.