The first-ever Wen Wagmi sale "Wen Inverse Beta Edition" NFT reveals 10 limited-edition collectible hoodie NFTs and a 1-to-1 redeemable physical hoodie for NFT holders in a limited time offer. 

Wen Wagmi launched its first-ever NFT sale on 8/5/2021 featuring the physical redeemable “Wen Inverse Beta Edition” NFT.

To celebrate the launch of Wen Wagmi and its first sale, holders of the Wen Inverse Beta Edition NFT who have redeemed the physicals are rewarded with a physical airdrop of a matching tee and sweatpants exclusively designed for them.

Since Wen Wagmi is built from the ground up with the genesis founding members of anon artists and designers, there’s so much more to learn and experiment with from this launch and onwards. But one thing is for sure, Wen Wagmi is here to stay and in it for the long haul.

To further Wen Wagmi’s commitment to establishing a decentralized and community-centric brand, all proceeds from the NFT sales will incentivize early supporters and NFT holders in the immediate short term to the long-term success of the brand. 

Although it’s a small start for a pseudo-anonymous brand like Wen Wagmi,  there’s so much more to the brand than just a Defi community merch store and redeemable NFTs in the coming months/years. WAGMI

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