Wen Wagmi is a community ‘crypto-wear’ brand born of the ethos of crypto culture to reinvent the next evolution of the fashion industry. 

With its new aesthetic, Wen Wagmi expresses the language of digital technology and the blending of virtual and physical.

Wen Wagmi’s products co-exist in both the physical world & digital metaverse. Ultimately to bring the crypto subculture to life through street fashion and digital wearables. 

The "WEN x DAO" Concept

“Wen x DAO” collection is a collaboration effort by Wen Wagmi to collaborate and partner with any DAOs from the crypto space.

The Wen Wagmi team will be able to design and produce unique street fashion wearables and ultra limited edition of 1-to-1 physical redeemable through purchase of Non-Fungible Tokens.

The idea of limited drops not only create a sense of urgency and scarcity among consumers but also would be the perfect tool for even meaningful community interactions for DAOs.

The vision is to bridge DAOs and crypto community to real world street fashion. 

Who Are We

We are a collective of anon artists and designers from the crypto space and the real world.

We are an expression of the crypto culture through fashion.

Join us and follow our journey, exclusively on Stories.